Charity Day at the Capitol will be March 10th, 2015

more details to follow

Texas Charity Advocates (TCA) was founded in 2005.  TCA was born from a need to educate Texans about charitable bingo's impact on communities all around the state.  This fundraising source is invaluable to small non-profits that make profound impacts on their communities.  Without funding from charitable bingo, many of these non-profits would cease to exist.  The burden of the services that they provide would fall onto the state if the charities could no longer sustain them.

The mission of TCA is simple.  We are dedicated to the betterment of Texas Charitable Bingo. We believe that the most effective way to achieve this goal is to mobilize charities around the state to speak with their legislators regarding the work of their charity.  Legislators are interested in the impact of charity on their communities. We will provide the necessary tools so that they may go and speak to their representatives about the charities with which they are involved. We will also collect information about the charities of Texas and present it on behalf of the charities.  We believe that through the education of members of the Texas Legislature and the people of Texas, we can have a positive impact on charities.
As citizens we can support these charities by playing bingo in our local charitable bingo halls. 












  - Texas Lottery Commission
  - Charitable Bingo Division
  - Bingo Advisory Committee

  - House of Representatives
  - Texas Senate